12-Panel iCup® with Adulterant Test (OX, CR, PH)

12-Panel iCup® with Adulterant (OX, CR, PH) tests for COC/THC/OPI/AMP/mAMP/PCP/BZO/BAR/MTD/TCA/OXY/PPX.
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12-PANEL iCup® + AD (OX, CR, PH)

The iCup® A.D. by Alere Toxicology is a zero exposure urine drug screen that tests for "up to" 12 drugs in one device.  With built-in validity screening and results that can be photocopied, the iCup® is one of the best drug screening options on the market today.

Urine drug screening kit to test for traces of COC/THC/OPI/AMP/mAMP/PCP/BZO/BAR/MTD/TCA/OXY/PPX (Plus built-in Adulteration Test for Oxidants, Creatinine, & pH -  (OX, CR, PH).

Drug Screen for the 12 drugs listed below:

  • AMP-Amphetamines
  • BAR-Barbiturates
  • BZO-Benzodiazepines
  • COC-Cocaine
  • mAMP-Methamphetamine
  • MTD-Methadone
  • OPI-Opiates
  • OXY-Oxycodone
  • PCP-Phencyclidine
  • PPX-Propoxyphene
  • TCA-Tricyclic Antidepressants
  • THC-Marijuana

A negative result is shown with two lines and a positive is shown with one line in the urine drug test panel.

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy-to-use
  • 99% accurate
  • Results in seconds
  • Zero exposure to collector
  • Has an 18- to 24-month shelf life
  • Laboratory accurate, set to SAMSHA cut-off levels
  • FDA approved
  • Built-in validity test (adulteration) offered
  • CLIA-Waived panels available
  • Results can be photocopied



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