Arjo Sonicaid Handheld Dopplex Fetal Doppler II (FD2)

Arjo Sonicaid FD2 Fetal Heart Rate Display Hand Held Doppler -Obstetric Dopplex by Huntleigh Healthcare.
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Arjo Sonicaid FD2 - Fetal Heart Rate Display Hand Held Doppler

Sonicaid Obstetric Dopplex FD2 is a top of the range handheld baby heartbeat rate display Doppler featuring high sensitivity interchangeable probes. This Fetal Doppler II can be configured with a variety of probe options from 2 MHz to 10 MHz. The baby Doppler probe 2MHz is for general obstetric use, 3MHz transducer is ideally suited for detecting the fetal heart in early gestations, and five other probes for vascular blood flow studies & applications are an option. An integrated data output allows a hard copy print out of the fetal heart rate (FHR) trace to be obtained when connected to the Dopplex® Printa II (sold separately).

Features & Benefits of the Huntleigh Healthcare FD2 Fetal Dopplex Handheld Doppler System:

  • Probe connector for interchangeable probe options
  • High sensitivity 2 & 3MHz obstetric probe options for optimum performance from early gestation right through to delivery
  • Unique 3 fetal heart rate processing modes for optimum performance in the widest range of signal/noise conditions
  • Real-time heart rate data output capabilities when connected to Dopplex® Printa II for Non Stress Test (NST) screening (sold separately)
  • Event marker for recording fetal movements on FHR trace when connected to Dopplex® Printa II (sold separately)
  • Active noise reduction
  • Display of fetal heart rate (FHR) for routine antenatal screening
  • Additional 4, 5, 8, EZ8 and 10MHz vascular probe options (sold separately)
  • Easy clean probes for improved infection control
  • Low battery indicator
  • Built in loudspeaker
  • Headphone output
  • Integral probe protection and storage

Accessories Included: gel, soft carry bag, 9 volt battery, user manual. 

FD2 Fetal Doppler Specifications: 
Dimensions (main unit): 
  • Height: 140mm (5.5'')
  • Width: 74mm (2.9'')
  • Depth: 27mm (1.1'') 
Probe frequency: 2MHz or 3MHz (select in dropdown box above)
Probe Cable Length (fully extended): 3.5m 
Weight: 295gms (10oz)
Battery type: 9 volt alkaline, 6LF22

Select probe in dropdown option above - (prices may vary depending on selection)

Additional Interchangeable Vascular & Obstetric Probes available: (sold separately)

  • 2 MHz Obstetric - Especially useful later in pregnancy (10-12 weeks and up), for use in labor, and in monitoring larger women
  • 3 MHz Obstetric - Especially useful in confirming pregnancy (8-10 weeks), monitoring early in pregnancy, and monitoring smaller women
  • 4 MHz Vascular - Aids in reading very deep vascular vessels
  • 5 MHz Vascular - Aids in reading signals from moderately deep vessels
  • 8 MHz Vascular - Useful for monitoring in tight areas, and in obtaining signals from peripheral and superficial vessels
  • 10 MHz Vascular - For monitoring special superficial vessels
  • EZ8 - 8MHz High Sensitivity Widebeam probe for easier vessel location & to maintain vessel contact during inflation and deflation.

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