Dopplex® Printa™ II Thermal Printer

Dopplex® Printa™ II Thermal Printer for use with FD2, MD2, RD2, or MD200.
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Dopplex® Printa™ II Thermal printer (PRINTA2)

Huntleigh Healthcare's Dopplex Printa II package is a portable, lightweight, mains/battery thermal printer that provides continuous, hard-copy traces of fetal heart rate (FHR) or vascular waveforms for patient documentation, reimbursement, and liability protection. The Dopplex Printa II is easy to use in both obstetric and vascular functions. Includes event marker function and trace header space for noting patient detail on printouts. It is ideal for a clinic where portability is required.

The Printa II when used with the Multi Dopplex® II or Rheo Dopplex® II units, provides documentation of bi-directional waveforms and Photoplethysmography (PPG) curves for reimbursement and waveform documentation.

When used in obstetrics, the Printa II makes reports on the Fetal Heart Rate (FHR), and fetal movement. The Printa II makes reports in a conventional FHR trace format. This allows documented fetal non-stress testing to be performed. Ability to annotate and record fetal movement using ‘Mode’ button on Doppler unit.

An AC power cable and internal rechargeable battery are both included, along with a user manual and one roll of thermal paper. 

ACC76 Interface Buffer Box required (electronic module providing the necessary interface signals to allow the FD2, MD2, RD2, or MD200 to work with the Dopplex Printa II) 

Connects to the following Huntleigh Dopplers:

  • Dopplex RD2 - Rheo Dopplex® II
  • Dopplex MD200 - Maxi Dopplex® 200
  • Dopplex MD2 - Multi Dopplex® II
  • Dopplex FD2 - Fetal Dopplex® II

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