Huntleigh 8MHz High Sensitivity Doppler Probe (EZ8)

EZ8 8MHz Widebeam Technology Probe for Huntleigh Dopplers--Easier to maintain vessel contact during inflation and deflation.
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Huntleigh 8MHz High Sensitivity Doppler Probe / Transducer (EZ8) -Vascular probe

SOLD INDIVIDUALLY - includes 1 probe model EZ8

The EZ8 is an 8MHz High Sensitivity probe with WIDEBEAM TECHNOLOGY - Allows easy location of vessels and **assists in reducing variability of ABPI measurements. Easier to maintain vessel contact during inflation and deflation.

Huntleigh Doppler probes are now:

  • 50% more sensitive to assure reliability and detection during early gestation and difficult cases.
  • Featuring increased impact protection on the probes to extend your Doppler's life
  • All fixed obstetric probes are now waterproof

Additional Probes are available: (sold separately)

  • 2 MHz Obstetric - Especially useful later in pregnancy (10-12 weeks and up), for use in labor, and in monitoring larger women
  • 3 MHz Obstetric - Especially useful in confirming pregnancy (8-10 weeks), monitoring early in pregnancy, and monitoring smaller women
  • 4 MHz Vascular - Aids in reading very deep vascular vessels
  • 5 MHz Vascular - Aids in reading signals from moderately deep vessels
  • 8 MHz Vascular - Useful for monitoring in tight areas, and in obtaining signals from peripheral and superficial vessels
  • 10 MHz Vascular - For monitoring special superficial vessels
  • EZ8 - 8MHz High Sensitivity Wide Beam Probe - Easier to locate vessels, easier to maintain vessel contact during inflation and deflation.

The EZ8 is just one of the interchangeable Obstetric and Vascular Doppler Probe Accessories to be used with the following Huntleigh Healthcare dopplers: (check user manual for probe compatibility)

  • Multi Dopplex II (MD2)
  • Fetal Dopplex II - Sonicaid Fetal Dopplex w/ Rate Display (FD2)
  • Super Dopplex II (SD2)
  • Dopplex D900 - Non-directional Doppler
  • Huntleigh Dopplex® RD2 Bi-directional Doppler & PPG System


SOLD INDIVIDUALLY - includes 1 probe model EZ8

*photos are for representational purposes only, please rely on descriptions when ordering.

**ABPI Assessment - It is recommended that the user purchase a VP5HS and an EZ8 probe if regular and oedematous limbs are assessed for ABPI.

To receive a quote with additional accessory options, please call us at 1-800-452-4566.

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