ZOLL Pedi-padz® II Pediatric Electrodes for AED

ZOLL Pedi-padz® II Pediatric Electrodes for AED Plus® and AED Pro® Automated External Defibrillators.
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ZOLL Pedi-padz® II Pediatric Electrodes - one package
Designed for use with AED Plus® and AED Pro® Automated External Defibrillators 

  • Connects directly to AEDs & ALS devices
  • Pediatric intelligence function with ZOLL AEDs
  • for use with the AED Plus and AED Pro, and are also compatible with the M Series®, E Series®, and R Series® for continuity of care.*
  • Locations used: EMS & Fire, Public Access

Pedi padz® II electrodes are specifically designed, tested, and validated for use with the ZOLL AED Plus® and AED Pro®. With AED Plus and AED Pro electrodes and standard cable connectors, you are assured of a complete system. No need for adapters, special connectors, or modified cables. There are no compromises with ZOLL electrodes. ZOLL is the name you can rely on for high performance, proven efficacy, and ease of use.

Anatomical diagrams on the package facilitate proper pad placement.

ZOLL AED Plus Pedi-Padz are for use with ZOLL AED Plus and ZOLL AED Pro defibrillators (sold separately) and are intended for use on individuals who are 8 years old or younger and/or weighing 55 lbs or less. The most technologically advanced pediatric multi-function defibrillator electrodes to meet all pediatric ALS criteria.

Zoll is the Only Full-Rescue AED with Intelligent Pediatric Capability: 

ZOLL’s unique intelligent pediatric capability is built into the AED Plus and AED Pro for pediatric patients. The device can sense when pediatric electrodes are attached and switch from an adult to pediatric ECG analysis algorithm. Pedi padz II electrodes are designed especially for use with the AED Plus and AED Pro, and are also compatible with the M Series®, E Series®, and R Series® for continuity of care.*

(*With M Series, E Series and R Series defibrillators, Pedi padz II must be used in manual mode. Energy levels do not adjust automatically and the electrodes are not recognized by the device as pedi padz.)

ZOLL’s Intelligent Pediatric Capability Includes:

  • Voice and text prompts that inform rescuers that Pedi•padz II are connected, ensuring that the proper electrodes are being used.* 
  • Separate and specific algorithms designed for children are used to analyze a young victim’s heart rhythm, as a child’s heart rhythms vary from an adult’s.* 
  • With Pedi•padz II, the AED Plus/AED Pro provides pediatric-specific energy levels. Electronics in the AED adjust defibrillating energy levels automatically so that suitable doses are delivered accurately, when needed. 
  • The AED Plus and AED Pro do not rely on a attenuator in the wires of the pediatric electrodes to reduce delivered energy, ensuring that child patients always receive appropriate, pediatric specific energy levels. 
  • Pedi•padz II are designed with anatomical diagrams on the package to facilitate fast and accurate pad placement.


Pedi padz II Specifications:

Indications for Use

Patient Age: 0-8 Years
Patient Weight: Under 55 lbs/25 kg

Front Electrode

Shape: Round
Diameter, Total: 3.7 inches /9.4 cm
Area, Total: 10.75 square inches /69.4 sq cm
Diameter, Conductive Gel: 2.85 inches /7.24 cm
Area, Conductive Gel: 6.37 square inches /41.1 sq cm


 Intelligent Pediatric Capability

Devices: AED Plus and AED Pro
Device Energy Levels: 50, 70, 85 Joules
Patient Analysis: Analyzes based on pediatric specific algorithm


Back Electrode

Shape: Rectangular
Length, Total: 5.43 inches /13.8 cm
Width, Total: 3.5 inches /8.9 cm
Area, Total: 19.0 square inches /122.6 sq cm
Length, Conductive Gel: 3.58 inches /9.1 cm
Width, Conductive Gel: 2.18 inches /5.5 cm
Area, Conductive Gel: 7.81 square inches /50.3 sq cm

Electrode Specifications

Shelf Life: 24 months
Backing Material: Closed Cell Polyethylene
Conductive Gel: Hydrogel
Conductive Element: Tin
Connection Method: Pre-attached
Packaging: Paper/Polyfoil laminate
Impedance Class: Low
Length, Lead Wires: 34.0 inches /86.4 cm


*images are for representational purposes only, please rely on the description when ordering. 

Meeting the challenges of pediatric patients and AHA pediatric ACLS criteria for size.

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