ZOLL Pedi-padz® Radiolucent Solid Gel Pediatric Electrodes

ZOLL Pedi-padz® Radiolucent Solid Gel Pediatric Electrodes for Zoll R Series, E Series, M Series, X Series defibrillators.
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ZOLL Pedi-padz® Radiolucent Solid Gel Pediatric Electrodes 
for use with Zoll Defibrilator Units

  • Optimized for Radiographic Procedures
  • Radiolucency provides an unobstructed view of the heart and chest cavity during x-ray studies.
  • For use in Cath and RP labs for procedures
  • Virtually invisible to X-ray
  • Disposable, one-piece pediatric pad for easy application
  • Anatomically-correct diagrams on the packaging to facilitate proper pad placement
  • Compatible with R Series, E Series, M Series, X Series defibrillators
  • Locations used: Hospital, Cardiac catheterization lab, & Electrophysiology labs

ZOLL's Pedi-padz® Electrodes are the most technologically advanced pediatric multifunction resuscitation electrodes, designed to meet all pediatric ACLS criteria. Specially formulated low viscosity gel provides the best skin coupling, lowers resistance quickly, and virtually eliminates dermal damage. 

View additional information: Zoll Electrode Product Guide.

(Includes 1 pair)

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The most technologically advanced pediatric multi-function defibrillator electrodes to meet all pediatric ALS criteria.

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