007038 Burdick Resting EKG Patient Cable, 5 Lead

007038 Burdick Resting EKG Patient Cable for use with Burdick EK-10 EKG Machine and Burdick Elite II Interpretive EKG Machines.
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007038 Burdick Resting EKG Patient Cable

for use with Burdick EK-10 EKG Machine and Burdick Elite II Interpretive EKG Machines

Burdick Patient Cables feature:

  • 72 inch
  • resting EKG Patient Cable
  • 5-lead
  • AHA
  • non-replaceable leads

Burdick EK-10/Elite II ECG Accessories, Cables & Leads designed specifically for your single-channel electrocardiograph equipment. Check the centerpiece of your cable to find the right product number. 

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