007519 Burdick Stress Cable, 10 lead

#007519 Burdick Stress Cable, 10 lead Electrocardiograph machine cables.
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  • Item #: BUR007519
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#007519 Burdick Stress Cable, 10 lead

  • Non replaceable Leadwires (One Piece)
  • 10 Leads
  • Grabber lead ends

Burdick 007519 Patient Cables are for use with Model #s: 

  • Burdick EK-8 single channel ECG
  • E100 EKG
  • E200 system
  • Burdick E310 Electrocardiograph Machine
  • E320 unit
  • E600 ECG
  • EK670

Burdick patient cables designed specifically for your EKG /ECG system. Check the centerpiece of your cable to find the right product number.

Call us at 1-800-452-4566 or email: sales@lifelinemedical.net
we can help you determine which cable you need.

*Product photos are for representational purposes only and may not be an exact match of the product offered herein… please rely on the product description details when ordering.

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