#13003 Safetec Alky® Solidifier Alkaline Spill Control (15oz)

#13003 Safetec Alky® Solidifier Alkaline Spill Control - 15oz. Shaker Bottle
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#13003 Safetec Alky® Solidifier Alkaline Spill Control - 15oz. Shaker Bottle

This item has been discontinued, It is only available in the following Spill Kits:

#15205 Safetec Spill Leader Kit (wall mounted, hard case)

15201 Safetec Multi-Purpose Spill Control Kit (hard case)

About Alkaline Solidifier:

  • Neutralizes most alkaline spills
  • Contains color indicator
  • Conveniently transforms water based alkaline fluids into a semi-solid gel

Safetec's Alky® Solidifier Spill Control neutralizes and solidifies high pH fluid spills. such as:

  • Ammonium hydroxide
  • Potassium hydroxide
  • Sodium hydroxide

Simply sprinkle the contents directly onto the liquid, covering it completely. When applied to an alkaline spill, Alky® turns blue, then yellow when the spill has been safely neutralized. The fluid spill will be encapsulated into a safe, easily disposable semi-solid gel for easy clean-up, disposal or transport.

(12 per case)  

View MSDS for Alky™ Spill Control Solidifier


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