#19155 Safetec Glutaraldehyde Clean-Up Kit (Hard Case)

#19155 Safetec Glutaraldehyde Clean-Up Kit (Hard Case)
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#19155 Safetec GPT-1 Glutaraldehyde Clean-Up Kit - (6 Kits per Case)

  • Reduces Exposure to Glutaraldehyde

Safetec's Glutaraldehyde Spill Kit contains GPT-1 pre-treatment and neutralizer and Green-Z® fluid control solidifier. Sprinkle GPT-1 over the glutaraldehyde spill. The spill turns brown when it has been neutralized. Sprinkle Green-Z® to turn the neutralized spill into a semi-solid mass. 

Safetec® GPT-1 Glutaraldehyde Pretreatment transforms glutaraldehyde spills to nearly neutral pH. Reduces odor and biocidal activity, rendering solutions more acceptable for the sewer.

View Glutaraldehyde Cleanup Kit Instructions for Use 

Safetec's 19155 Glutaraldehyde Spill Kit complies with the following OSHA standards: 

  • 1910.120 - Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response
  • 1910.132 - Gen. Requirements Personal Protective Equipment
  • 1910.146 - Permit-Required Confined Spaces
  • 1910.1030 - Bloodborne Pathogens
  • 1910.1450 - Occupational Exposure To Hazardous Chemicals In Laboratories
  • 1915.152 - Gen. Requirements Personal Protective Equipment
  • 1926.28 - Personal Protective Equipment 

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Each Emergency Spill Kit Refill Contains: 

Highly visible, durable, easy-to-share hard vinyl case
• Pair of Nitrile Gloves
 Glutaraldehyde Respirator
• Vented Goggles
• GPT-1 Pouch (2.2oz. Pouch)
• Green-Z® Solidifier (5oz. Bottle)
• Scoop/Scraper (Quantity: 2)
• Black Disposal Bag (Dimensions: 30" x 36")
• Twist Tie
• Instructions

6 emergency response kits used for clean up of Glutaraldehyde spills.

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