4-Panel iCup® with Built-In Adulterant Strip - B

4-Panel iCup® with Built-In Adulterant Strip -Urine drug screening kit test for COC150, THC, AMP, mAMP500 (OX, CR, PH).
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4-Panel iCup® with Built-In Adulterant Strip - B

The iCup® A.D. is a zero exposure urine drug screen that can test for "up to" 12 drugs in one device.  With built-in validity screening and results that can be photocopied, the iCup A.D. is one of the best drug screening options on the market today. From workplace and government testing to rapid screening in the emergency department, the iCup A.D. provides accurate and easy to use solutions for any professional setting.

  • simple to administer
  • all-inclusive drug screen
  • rapid testing solutions for detecting drugs of abuse
  • room temperature storage 

This iCup AD urine drug screening kit tests for traces of COC150, THC, AMP, mAMP500 plus specimen validity test (SVT strip) checks for Oxidants, Creatine, & pH -  (OX, CR, PH).



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