41108 Safetec Red-Z® Fluid Control Solidifier Drop-In Pac (21g)

#41108 Safetec Can-Z® Red-Z® Fluid Control Drop-In Pac (21g.) - Up To 750 cc.
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#41108 Safetec Can-Z® Green-Z® Fluid Control Drop-In Pac (21g.) - Up To 750 cc 
288 pouches per case (6 bags / 48 per bag) 

  • Made of a non-woven tea bag material
  • Just drop in before or after fluid is added, no pouring necessary
  • Solidifier will activate bursting through the pouch, then solidify the contents of the canister

This unit dose Safetec Can-Z® Fluid Control Drop-In packet was designed specifically for use in suction canisters. Made of a non-woven teabag type material, the Safetec Fluid Control Drop-Ins easily fit into a canister...just drop in before or after fluid is added. The solidifier will activate bursting through the pouch, then solidifying the contents of the canister. Can-Z® pacs are available with Red Z® (containing a deodorizer) or Green-Z® (without a deodorizer). 

Safetec's Fluid Control Solidifiers are designed to encapsulate, deodorize and contain potentially infectious blood and body fluids. One ounce of our Red Z® or Green-Z® solidifies more than 1,000 cc’s of collected fluid, and can help you comply with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standards and D.O.T. regulations for the proper handling and transport of liquid medical waste. From suction canisters, red bags, fluid drainage bags, and chest-drainage units to disposable systems for potentially hazardous situations in home administration, healthcare and medical environments, SAFETEC Fluid Control Products allow spill-free waste handling and disposal of potentially hazardous fluids and are available in a variety of sizes & packaging options. 

New formula Red Z®, and Green-Z® absorbs twice the amount of fluid in the same amount of time. In laboratory tests, Safetec's Z-line solidifiers were compared to the six leading solidifiers on the market today. The Z-line of solidifiers are “hands down” the fastest biohazard solidifier on the market, with some competitors failing to solidify completely, even after 10 minutes.*

*Comparisons based on the time for 45g of each product to completely solidify 2,000 cc’s of 0.9g% NaCI at 25°c.

Additional sizes/quantities are sold separately:

Red Z® Fluid Solidifier Drop-In Packs - deodorizes

Order No. Description Solidifies Case Qty.
41113 Red Z® Fluid Control Drop-In Packet - 14g. 
(Pouch Size: 6.25" L x 2" W)
Up To 500 cc 288 pouches per Case
(6 bags / 48 per bag)
41108 Red Z® Fluid Control Drop In Pac - 21g. 
(Pouch Size: 6" L x 3" W)
Up To 750 cc 288 pouches per Case
(6 bags / 48 per bag)
 41175 Red Z® Fluid Control Drop-In Pac - 42 grams 
(Pouch Size: 9.3" L x 2.9" W)
 Up To 1,500 cc 100 pouches per Case


View MSDS for Red Z® Fluid Control Solidifier


Green-Z® Fluid Solidifier Drop-In Packs - incinerator friendly, no deodorizer

Order No. Description Solidifies Case Qty.
42004 Green-Z® Fluid Control Drop-In Packet - 10g. 
(Pouch Size: 6.2" L x 3" W)
Up To 350 cc  1000 pouches per Case
(10 bags / 100 per bag)
42008 Green-Z® Fluid Control Drop-In Packet - 21 grams 
(Pouch Size: 6" L x 3" W)
 Up To 750 cc  288 pouches per Case
(6 bags / 48 per bag)


View MSDS for Green Z® Fluid Control Solidifier


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