#44003 Zorb Sheets by Safetec (6" x 6")

Zorb Sheets by Safetec 44003 Absorbents for Specimen Transportation.
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#44003 Zorb Sheets by Safetec (6" x 6") 
Absorbents for Specimen Transportation

Use Safetec® super absorbent materials to help keep your employees and the public safe, as well as in compliance with the many regulations for packaging and transportation of diagnostic specimens, biological materials, and other dangerous goods.

Zorb sheets - are tissue based papers impregnated with super absorbent polymers designed to encapsulate the potentially infectious spill preventing leakage and possible contamination of the package handler. 

Whether your application is in a laboratory, medical office, or funeral parlor, Safetec® Zorbs and Super Barrier Zorbs are the perfect solution for your bio-hazard containment needs. 


Order No.: 44003

Description: Safetec Zorb Sheets - Absorbents for Specimen Transportation

Size:  6" x 6" absorbent sheet

Case Quantity:  2,500 Sheets per Case (5 bags of 500)


Additional sizes/quantities available (sold separately):

Order No.


Case Qty.


 12" x 12" Super Barrier Zorb Sheets

  100 per case


 12" x 18" Super Barrier Zorb Sheets    100 per case


 24" x 24" Super Barrier Zorb sheets 

  100 per case


Order No.


Case Qty.


 12" x 12" Zorb Sheets

  500 Sheets per Case


 3" x 3" Zorb Sheets - Bulk   20,000 Sheets per Case (20 bags of 1,000)


 3" x 6" Zorb Sheets

  2,500 Sheets per Case (5 bags of 500)


 6" x 6" Zorb Sheets   2,500 Sheets per Case (5 bags of 500)


*product photo represent all sizes available, please rely on description when ordering.

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