5-Panel iCup® with Specimen Validity Test (A.D.) - C

5-Panel iCup® with specimen validity test (A.D.) - FDA approved test for COC/THC/OPI/mAMP/PCP (OX, SG, PH).
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5-Panel iCup® with specimen validity test (A.D.) - C

The iCup® is a zero exposure urine drug screen that tests for "up to" 12 drugs in one device.  With built-in validity screening  and results that can be photocopied, the iCup® is one of the best drug screening options on the market today.

Urine drug screening kit to test for traces of COC/THC/OPI/mAMP/PCP (OX, SG, PH)

Plus Built-in Adulteration Test for:

  • Oxidants test for the presence of oxidizing reagents such as bleach and Hydrogen Peroxide. Normal urine should contain no trace of oxidants.
  • Specific Gravity tests for sample dilution. The normal range is from 1.003 to 1.030 Values outside this range should be considered adulterated.
  • pH test for the presence of acidic or alkaline adulterants in urine. Normal pH levels should be in the range of 4.0 to 9.0. Values outside of this range may indicate the sample has been "spiked" or altered.



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