Adult ECG Resting Tab Electrodes

Adult 34.5 X 22.4 mm resting ECG tab electrodes
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  • Item #: R01-41010MU
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Resting ECG / EKG Tab Electrodes, Adult, Disposable, Generic

Our Adult ECG Resting Tab Electrodes have a high quality conductive adhesive hydrogel to assure solid tracings and allow for a high percentage of first-time recordings.

  • Adult 34.5 X 22.4 mm resting ECG tab electrodes 
  • Lead wire to clip
  • Disposable,
  • Economical, 
  • Hypoallergenic, 
  • latex free, 
  • pvc free,
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Includes enough for 50 ECGs (100 per pack, 5 pckgs/box)

Box of 500 Adult ECG Resting Tab Electrodes 


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