Burdick 250c Interpretive ECG with LAN / AM12 (BUR250C-81X)

Burdick 250c Interpretive ECG with LAN/ AM12 (BUR250C-81X)
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Burdick 250c Interpretive ECG with LAN / AM12 (BUR250C-81X)

Burdick Mortara offers a range of innovative solutions for diagnostic ECG acquisition across physician practices of all sizes. Burdick's resting ECG products are durable, reliable, and intuitive for clinicians to operate. High-quality results, ease-of-use and streamlined workflow are what make the Burdick brand most trusted by physicians.

Primary Benefits of the Burdick 250C ECG machine:

  • Compact and lightweight, the ELI™ 250c electrocardiograph provides comprehensive functionality, in an easy-to-use portable device.

  • Capture the best 10 seconds of ECG data from system memory, reducing the need for repeat ECGs.

  • Increase workspace flexibility by gathering 12-lead data without the need for a tethered cable.

  • Multiple options ensure patient data transfers easily from the ELI 250c to the location of your choice.


  • High-resolution color display provides real-time preview of 12-lead ECG and post-acquisition review of acquired ECG.

  • Chest and limb lead reversal indicators on the display assist the clinician with possible errors during ECG acquisition.

  • VERITAS™ resting ECG algorithm uses gender specific and adult and pediatric criteria to provide a silent second opinion for diagnostic interpretation.

  • Proven ECG performance, digital integration and more than 30 years of expertise help to ensure your ECG needs will be met.


  • Easy bidirectional connectivity allows practices to take orders/send reports with a single keystroke. 

  • Choose PDF output, connections to EHR/MIS systems, or DICOM® – our latest connectivity offering that simplifies patient information transfer to data management systems.

  • Our unique Best 10 feature automatically selects and displays the best 10 seconds of ECG data from the memory, reducing clinical review time and eliminating the need for repeat ECGs caused by patient movement or other sources of ECG artifact.

  • Choose between the innovative WAM™ wireless acquisition module or the AM12™ acquisition module. Both include replaceable lead wires, lead fail indicator, and remote control with buttons for ECG acquisition and rhythm printing 1,000 sps per channel data capture provides more in-depth ECG signal assessment during analysis, display and printing. 40,000 sps per channel offers unsurpassed pacemaker spike detection.

Burdick 250c ECG Machine Product Specifications:


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