Burdick Vision 5 Holter Software & (1) H3+ Recorder (BURV53H-1)

Burdick Vision 5 Holter System with (1) H3+ Recorder (BURV53H-1)
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Mortara Burdick® Vision™ 5 Holter Analysis System (BURV53H-1) 

includes (1) H3+™ Digital Recorder  

A versatile, accurate, and easy-to-use Holter solution ideal for the Holter monitoring needs of a physician practice, as well as the specialized requirements of a cardiology office to help in the identification and treatment of cardiac disorders.

From practices performing routine Holter monitoring to clinics requiring advanced solutions, the Burdick Vision 5 Holter System provides an affordable, yet powerful diagnostic tool. Designed for today’s tightly-managed healthcare environment, Vision 5 can be used to evaluate adult and pediatric patients. With a variety of scanning and recorder options, Mortara’s Holter solutions are remarkably flexible, satisfying a diverse range of Holter monitoring needs for hospitals and physician offices alike.

Greater efficiency, lower costs and better patient outcomes 
The Vision 5 system utilizes the VERITAS™ signal processing algorithm to provide highly accurate analysis, including improved identification of events and rapid data review, leading clinicians quickly to the most significant events for review.

The small size of the H3+ recorder provides patients with freedom of movement, allowing them to go about their daily activities, which may lead to improved presentation of reported symptoms. Furthermore, download and analysis of a 24-hour recording occur in about 60 seconds. This rapid transfer of data enables clinicians to quickly move the recorder to the next patient, optimizing clinician time.

The Vision 5 Holter Cardiopulmonary Diagnostic Equipment features:


Burdick products have a long-standing reputation for accurate, efficient and dependable performance.

  • Mortara’s VERITAS™ signal processing algorithm for superior accuracy in beat detection, labeling, and noise rejection, which results in improved identification of events and rapid scanning of recordings.
  • Performance measured against AHA and MIT-BIH standardized databases show the Vision 5 Holter algorithm has 99.9% QRS detection accuracy.


  • Data transfer and automatic analysis that take about a minute. With intuitive menus and color-coded beat identifiers, the system quickly leads clinicians to the most significant arrhythmia events for review.
  • Automatic strips enable rapid reporting of results, which in turn helps to optimize clinicians’ time.
  • Final results can be sent electronically, saving time and reducing cost. Reports are available in PDF and XML formats.


  • The H3+™ digital recorder gives new meaning to the word compact and, along with Vision 5 software, provides a complete Holter solution.
  • Flexibility in scanning and report formatting streamlines clinical workflows and satisfies individual user preferences.
  • Automatic atrial fibrillation detection, heart rate variability (HVR) calculations, pacemaker detection, ST segment analysis and QT/QTc measurements come standard for comprehensive Holter analysis needs.

Vision 5 software features advanced capabilities, providing the tools needed for even the most sophisticated cardiac analysis including:


HRV software analyzes regulation of the sinoatrial node, the natural pacemaker of the heart. It measures the balance between sympathetic and vagus nerve activity, providing an indirect measure of heart health. Vision 5 performs time domain calculations and standard deviation trending, allowing the flexibility required to care for a variety of patients.


The system software detects atrial and ventricular pacer spikes from an internal pacemaker, tracking the patient’s paced activities through sensing, capture, and failure events.


  • Retrospective, prospective, and superimposition scanning modes are supported to enable both traditional and advanced scanning options.
  • Meaningful results are presented in trends, tables and histograms to assist with determination of event frequency and severity.
  • Color-coded event review marks ST episodes, atrial fibrillation regions, artifact regions, ventricular events, supraventricular events, and any user-defined event episodes allowing quick identification of rate-related abnormalities.
  • Full disclosure reports that print all or any part of a patient’s Holter recording in various formats.


Plus, you can preview them on-screen first. It’s fast, easy, and convenient. Reporting options include:

  • HR/ST trend graphs, highlighting areas of concern for easy identification.
  • Choice of full-sized diagnostic ECG strips with miniature content or 5, 10, 15, 30, and 60-minute page strips.
  • Functionality to automatically or manually export final reports.
  • Full disclosure reports that print all or any part of a patient’s Holter recording in various formats, such as one, two, or three channels at 60 seconds per line.
  • Comprehensive ST report with each ST episode including deviation, slope, duration, and heart rate at onset and offset.
  • Physician conclusions can be added before printing.


    Made in the USA



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