Covidien 8881302114 Corvac Red/Grey Mottled Stopper (12.5 ml)

Kendall Monoject™ Corvac™ Red/Grey Mottled stopper 8881302114.
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#8881302114 Covidien Kendall MONOJECT™ CORVAC™ Red-Grey Mottled Stopper  (Case of 500)

  • Crown Corvac™ gel placement for improved performance and more sample yield 
  • Laboratory procedures requiring serum with a positive gel barrier between blood cells and serum - general chemistry, serology and toxicology procedures
  • TDM compatible
  • Can be used with both Angle-head and Horizontal-head centrifuges.
  • Sterile tube interior
  • Silicone Coated Tubes - Latex free

Silicone coated tube indicates that the interior surface of the Corvac™ tube has been coated with water soluble silicone material. Sterilization applies to the tube and stopper interior only, and not to the outside of the tube or to the packaging. Centrifuge tubes are sterilized by gamma radiation.

Separator tubes are available in a variety of sizes... see related items below (sold separately).

Covidien Corvac™ red/grey mottled stopper serum separator tubes (SSTs)

Code Size (mm) Approx. Draw (ml) No. in Case
8881302072 13 X 75 mm 4.0 ml 500
8881302106 13 X 100 mm 6.0 ml 500
8881302015 16 X 100 mm 9.0 ml  500

16 X 100 mm, Transport tube*

8.5 ml 500
8881302114 16 X 125 mm 12.5 ml 500

 *(for optimum results use with angle-head centrifuges)


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