Insurance Paramedical Supplies

Insurance Paramedical Supplies

Paramed exam supplies such as bandages, blood & specimen collection needles, tube holders, sharps containers, transport tubes, specimen cups & more -- everything Paramedical Examiners may need to conduct Health & Life Insurance exams. Medical supply products ideal for Home Healthcare, EMT's, Paramedics, Hospitals or Ambulance companies wholesale medical supplies from Lifeline Medical!

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    1690 ULTRATRACE® by Conmed - Clear Tape ECG Electrode with Wet Gel Conmed 1700 ClearTrace™ Tape Electrodes, Crepe Exam Table Paper, 18", 125 FT LONG
    Conmed 1690 ULTRATRACE® ElectrodeConmed 1700 ClearTrace™ Tape Electrodes18" Standard Crepe Exam Table Paper (12 rolls)

    Short or long term use
    (Case of 600)

    Clear tape does not absorb fluids
    (Case of 600)

    Made in US
    12 rolls / case




    Smooth Exam Table Paper, 21" by Avalon Kendall Curity Alcohol Skin Prep Pads (box of 200). MAKROmed® Urinalysis reagent strips
    Standard Smooth Exam Table Paper 21" (12 rolls)Kendall Curity Alcohol Prep Pads - Sterile10 Panel Reagent Strip w/ Specific Gravity

    Latex Free
    12 rolls / case

    2-ply, medium
    Individually sealed
    (Box of 200)

    (100 test strips/bottle)




    Reagent test strips - Protein, Glucose and Ketones Prosphyg Pediatric Sphygmomanometer by ADC (child sized cuff) Sphygmomanometer (Large Adult sized cuff)
    Reagent Strips (Glucose, Protein, Ketones)Sphygmomanometer blood pressure monitoring device (Pediatric)Sphygmomanometer (Large Adult)

    (Bottle of 100 strips)

    (navy, child cuff)

    Blood Pressure meter




    ADC Prosphyg Aneroid Sphygmomanometer (adult sized cuff) Sphygmomanometer (thigh) Welch Allyn Tycos® Classic Pocket Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Blood Pressure Unit with Adult Cuff.
    ADC Prosphyg Aneroid Sphygmomanometer (Adult cuff)Sphygmomanometer (Thigh)Welch Allyn Pocket Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Blood Pressure Unit


    blood pressure cuff

    Certified accurate to ±3mmHg




    Single Head Lightweight Stethoscope by ADC Dual Head Lightweight Combination Stethoscope by ADC. Welch Allyn Disposable Uniscope Stethoscopes - Adult, Single-Use - #17461.
    ADC Proscope Stethoscope (Single Head)Stethoscope by ADC (Dual Head)Welch Allyn Disposable Uniscope Stethoscopes - Adult


    non-chill rim

    Single-Patient Use




    Welch Allyn Disposable Uniscope Stethoscopes - Pediatric, Single-Use - 17462P. Welch Allyn Professional™ Stethoscopes (Model 5079-135) Adult Stethoscope, 28" (71 cm), Black. Latex Free Tourniquets
    Welch Allyn Disposable Uniscope Stethoscope - PediatricWelch Allyn Professional™ Stethoscopes (Model 5079-135)Tourniquets (latex free)

    Single-Patient Use

    Lightweight, Latex Free,
    Anti Chill ring

    (Box of 100)




    10mL serum transport tube Tell-Tale Bluing Tablets 4.5 oz Non-Sterile Urine Collection Container - without lids.
    10ml Serum Transport Tube (Choose cap color below) Tell-Tale Bluing Tablets - Drug Test Adulteration PreventionUrine Collection Cups (non-sterile)

    (Box of 100)

    (Bottle of 100 tablets)

    4.5 oz (Box of 100)




    4.5 oz Non-Sterile (no caps) Urine Collection Cups 30mm Replacement Bulbs for Adult Suction Electrodes
    Urine Collection Cups (non-sterile) w/ temperature stripReplacement Bulbs for Suction Electrodes (30mm - Adult)

    w/ temperature strips (Box of 100)




    109 - 131 of 131 items

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