Integrated Serum Separator Tubes

Covidien Kendall Integrated Serum Separator Tubes (SSTs)

CORVAC™ products from Covidien Kendall are the "Crowning" achievement in separator tubes. All CORVAC Separator Tubes feature gel applied to the inside walls - in the unmistakable shape of a "crown". This unique gel placement provides the strongest and most secure barrier possible.

Covidien's CORVAC tubes are offered in two versions: Transport and Standard Tubes. 

  • CORVAC transport tubes are designed to be used in an angle-head centrifuge.
  • Standard tubes are designed for use in a horizontal-head centrifuge.  

CORVAC™ tubes, which include Serum Separator Tubes (SSTs) (Red/Gray Mottled Stopper), Plasma Separator Tubes (PSTs) (Red/Green Mottled Stopper), STAT-VAC™ Tubes (Red/Yellow Mottled Stopper), and shatter-resistant Plastic Serum Separator Tubes, are unequaled for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) compatibility throughout the entire line.

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