Kendall Resting ECG Diagnostic Tab Electrodes CA510 (4000)

Kendall CA510 Diagnostic ECG Tab Electrode.
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Kendall Resting ECG Diagnostic Tab Electrodes (CA510)

(Case of 4000)

Covidien Kendall electrodes are made of the highest quality materials, to exacting standards for increased performance and reliability. All of Kendall's electrodes are made to comply with industry standards to ensure that their electrodes will perform under all monitoring conditions. All products utilize a patented conductive adhesive hydrogel which provides firm adhesion, repositionability and low impedance for clear, reliable tracings as well as minimizing adhesive residue to facilitate patient clean up. All products are defibrillation recoverable and are latex-free.

  • large surface area
  • Kendall hydrogel for strong adhesion and readings
  • Latex-free, DEHP free, mercury free
  • Compatible with all machines

Additional options are available for ECG Tab Electrodes - see related items below (each sold separately)

 Reorder #  Description
 ET88110  CA210 offers a unique, foam substrate design for long term and serial ECG’s
 EF00066  CA310 is a smaller size with rounded corners.
 EF00149  CA510 provides a larger adhesive surface area
 31447793  CA610 offers a distinctive shape and a broader tab


Recommended Skin Preparation: Shave excessive hair at application site and wipe with dry gauze to abrade the skin. Note: If protocol includes the use of alcohol, be sure to follow the use of alcohol with a dry gauze rub. Alcohol can leave a film on the skin that will degrade signal and adhesive quality.

All Kendall electrode electrical characteristics meet or exceed AAMI specifications, including DC Offset, AC Impedance, Defibrillation Recovery and DC Drift. Actual specifications vary depending on the product.

Silver/Silver Chloride (Ag/AgCl) Sensing Element assists in making the electrode defibrillation recoverable.

Select designs CA210, CA310, CA510, CA610 sold separately, prices vary.

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