KoKo Moe Disposable PFT Filters (Case of 50)

KoKo Moe Disposable PFT Filters by nSpire Health -bulk.
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KoKo Moe Disposable Pulmonary Function Filters by nSpire Health 

Fits MicroMedical, Vitalograph, Schiller, MultiSpiro, Creative Biomedics, and MIR (All Models). 

Sold by the case - quantity of 50 white pft filters.

A low cost replacement equivalent for the Clear Advantage Small Disposable PFT Filters by Creative Biotech.

KoKo Moe™ Filters ease fears of cross contamination while increasing lab productivity - reducing time spent on cleaning and sterilizing pulmonary function equipment. nSpire Health's PFT filters provide an effective filtration of bacteria, viruses and expectorated matter.

  • Helps in preventing hospital-acquired infections and cross-contamination between patient testing.
  • Low dead space as required for lung volume and DLCO testing.
  • Low resistance for enhanced patient comfort.
  • Includes cardboard mouthpiece - disposable, single patient use cardboard mouthpieces have low insertion resistance to maintain accurate results and have a high quality finish to increase patient comfort.
  • Cost Effective


  • Approx. 26.3mm ID x 30mm OD

KoKo Moe White Filter Technical Specifications:

 Filtration efficiency: 

 Bacteria filtration: 99.9%
 Viral filtration: 99.9%

 Resistance:   0.4-0.7 cmH2O/l/s (0.038-0.067kPa/l/s) depending upon test methodology
 Dead space:     Approx. 50ml

 Outer Housing: Impact Polystyrene 
 Filter Media: Technostat® modocrylic-polypropylene 


These CBI equivalent PFT filters are an affordable alternative for:

  • CBI 1501 - Small with Standard Mouthpiece
  • CBI 1501U - Small with Universal Mouthpiece 


Respiratory and Pulmonary Care products are used by Pulmonologists, Allergists, Respiratory Care Practitioners, Pediatricians and General Practitioners in hospital, clinic, and office settings for a multitude of patient applications such as: diagnostic, screening, monitoring, managed care, preventive and occupational health programs.

Sold by the case - quantity of 50 white pft filters.

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