Lancets - Blood Sample Collection Device

SurgiLance™ safety lancets from MediPurpose® are among the world's most popular single-use lancing devices, known for their safetycomfort and ease of useSafety needle is not exposed before or after use, one-step procedure, activated by pressure on finger.

SurgiLance® Safety Lancet SLN240 - Orange
SurgiLance® Safety Lancet SLN240 - Orange

2.2mm, 22g, Med. flow
Box of 100



What’s the Difference Between a Regular Lancet and a Safety Lancet?

Regular lancets are simple needles encased in plastic. The needle is inserted into a lancing device and removed after use, thus exposing the user to the danger of a “needlestick” injury.

Safety lancets prevent cross-contamination by incorporating the lancing device and the needle into a single, completely disposable unit that can be used only once. Typically, the needle is not exposed before or after use. This minimizes the risk of both needlestick injury and cross contamination.


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