LifeSpin 6D Physicians Centrifuge

LifeSpin Physicians Centrifuge - Model 6D
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LifeSpin 6D Physicians Centrifuge

The Lifespin Model 6D is the quietest operating small centrifuge available today. It is ideal for laboratory, hospital, clinic and veterinary use.

  • 6 Place with Digital Timer and Safety Lock
  • Lightweight contruction for easy portability
  • Auto shutoff safety device
  • Holds up to 15 ml tubes
  • 1-year warranty


Voltage: 110v - 60Hz 

Speed: approx. 3300 - 3600 RPM

Maximum G Force: 1790

Capacity: holds (6) 15ml or 10ml tubes

Max RCF: 1385g

Time Range: 1-60 min.

Power: 80W


*Allow the centrifuge to come to a complete stop before attempting to remove the specimen vials.

*Never move the centrifuge while it is running.

*Ensure vials are sealed prior to turning on the centrifuge.

*Unplug the machine before cleaning.

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