Monoject™ Blood Collection Tube, Lavender Stopper (8881311446)

Monoject™ Blood Collection Tube, Lavender Stopper (8881311446)
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  • Item #: KN8881311446
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Monoject™ Blood Collection Tube (8881311446)

  • Silicone Coated Lavender Stopper,
  • EDTA (K3) 0.05 mL, 15.0% Solution,
  • 5 mL Draw,
  • 13 mm x 75 mm

Covidien Standard Blood Collection Tubes - Silicone coated tube indicates that the interior surface of the Monoject™ Blood Collection Tube has been coated with a water soluble silicone material.

Used for Laboratory procedures requiring plasma or whole blood - general hematology and certain chemistry procedures.

All tubes are sterilized by gamma radiation. Sterilization applies to the tube and stopper interior only and not the outside or packaging of the tube.

1,000 each case

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