SP-250 RS-232 Pneumotach Flowsensor for PFT

SP-250 RS-232 Pneumotach Flowsensor for PFT
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SP-250 RS-232 Pneumotach Flowsensor for Pulmonary Function Testing 

(Flow Sensor Only)

For use with AT-2 plus, AT-10 plus, AT-102 and AT-104 PC and more... Having the choice of disposable or single-patient-use sensors, eliminates sterilization concerns, saves time and guarantees accurate measurements.


  • One of the smallest sensors world-wide.
  • Lightweight and low cost.
  • Easily fits childrens hands.
  • No cleaning - no risk of cross contamination due to unique sensor technology.
  • Designed for use with SP-1, CS-200, AT-2 plus, AT-10 plus, AT-102, AT-102 plus, MS-2010, MS-2015 and AT-104 PC.
  • Meet all requirements for ATS and ERS standards. 

The SP-250 uses a disposable sensor, which is replaced after each use (sold separately). This ensures hygienically impeccable work and increases the efficiency as the sensor does not need to be disinfected between use, making the system available any time. The disposable sensors are tested for minimum tolerance and thereby warrant an absolutely accurate measurement.

Technical Data for SPIROVIT SP-250 Pneumotach Flowsensor for Pulmonary Function Testing with disposable Sensors::

Dimensions SP-250:  4.6 in. x 1.4 in x 1.1 in., approx. 0.26 Ibs (118mm x 36mm x 28 mm, approx. 120 g)

Measuring Method: Pneumotachometer

Measuring Accuracy: According ATS < 3%

Flow Impedance: <0.2 mbar *s/l at 12 l/s 


*disposable mouthpieces sold separately (#2.100077)

*calibration syringe sold separately.

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