Schiller AT-10 Plus Combo ECG & Spirometer (#9.173000CS)

Schiller AT-10 Plus Combo ECG & Spirometer (#9.173000CS).
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Schiller AT-10 Plus ECG Machine w/ Interp., PFT and Memory

Combo ECG & Spirometer (#9.173000CS)


The CARDIOVIT AT-10 Plus Combo unit is a 12 Channel / 12 Lead combination ECG & Spirometer (PFT) system with Interpretation, Memory and Built-in Full size 8.5"x11" Thermal Printer. Comes with a Calibration Syringe, Laptop design, built-in LAN and VGA Output ports. Upgradeable to Stress, Pacemaker, HRV, & SAECG. Includes SP-250 Sensor, Calibration Syringe (2.100037).

ECG and spirometry in one unit – the CARDIOVIT AT-10 plus combo system includes a proven table spirometer for the measurement, recording and assessment of the flow-volume and volume-time curves and the corresponding parameters. Several expiratory and inspiratory tests can be performed and compared with country specific normal values. Pre/post measurements and interpretation are standard. Two flow sensors are available for the portable all-rounder. You decide whether you prefer working with the proven pneumotachograph SP-250 (with disposable sensor) or SP260 (with reusable sensor).


  • Laptop / Tilt-screen Design
  • High Resolution 10.4" TFT Color LCD screen
  • 12-Channel Resting and Exercise ECG
  • 115VAC and battery operated
  • Easy Operation
  • Built-in thermal printer with 8.5"x11" z-fold printing paper
  • Built-in LAN interface for data transfer via XML
  • Printout on internal thermal printer for real-time manual mode on Full size 8.5x11" z-fold paper
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

ECG Combo system includes:

  • SCHILLER Resting ECG software
  • SCHILLER ECG measurement software M, incl. average complexes and measurement markers and detailed measurement results table
  • SCHILLER ECG interpretation software C, incl. adult/pediatric algorithm
  • Schiller Spirometry interpretation software (FVC, SVC, MV and MVV)
  • Memory option for approximately 350 ECG/Spirometry recordings*
  • Pace maker detection
  • Operating manual

Compatible Options: (sold separately)

  • Optional: Thrombolysis Analysis - P/N 5.173004
  • Optional: Pacemaker Detection - P/N 5.173005
  • Optional: Signal Averaging ECG / Late Potential - P/N 5.173007
  • Optional: Heart Rate Variability (HRV) - P/N 5.173008
  • Optional: Excercise Analysis (EXEC) - P/N 5.173002
  • Optional: Worklist - P/N 5.173006
  • Optional: Wireless WLAN/Wi-Fi Communications - P/N 5.173010
  • Optional: Modem - P/N 5.173011
  • Optional: Barcode - P/N 2.000147

Schiller AT-10 Plus ECG system includes ECG accessory kit: 

  • 10 Lead Patient Cable
  • 10 Snap Clip Electrode Adapters
  • 500 Disposable Electrodes
  • One (1) pack of paper
  • Power Cable
  • Operating Manual & Interpretation Guide
  • SP-250 Flow Sensor
  • Pack of 10 Disposable Flow Tubes  
  • 2 Nose Clips

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