Schiller Cardiovit AT-1 VET ECG 3-Channel Non-Interp

Schiller Cardiovit AT-1 Veterinary ECG - 3 Channel, Non-Interp. (#9.190010).
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  • Item #: 9.190010
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Schiller Cardiovit AT-1 Veterinary ECG - 3 Channel, Non-Interp. (#9.190010)

This device IS NOT for use with Humans.  
For Animals ONLY.
This is special order product and availability will depend on the manuracturer.

This extremely economic veterinarian electrocardiograph can be used for almost any animal. From pets such as rabbits, cats and dogs up to the larger species such as horses, cows etc.

  • 3-channel ECG with 12 simultaneous ECG leads
  • Automatic and manual ECG recording modes
  • Specific measurement software for veterinary ECGs
  • 10 Lead ECG Cable & Snap Clip Adapters
  • Integrated rechargeable battery and power supply
  • One button operation
  • Built-in thermal printer with 80 mm writing breadth
  • Lightweight (6.7 lbs / 2.9 kg.)
  • Comprehensive accessories
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

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