Seca 223 Telescopic Measuring Rod fits Seca 644 handrail scales

Seca 223 Telescopic Measuring Rod for Seca 644 handrail scales.
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Seca 223 Telescopic Measuring Rod for Seca 644 handrail scales 

This easy-to-fit measuring rod (fittings included) converts the handrail scale Seca 644 into a real all-round talent, enabling weighing and measuring in one step. The determined height can be entered directly into the control unit of the Seca 644 so that all relevant data is captured and used to determine the BMI.

  • Measuring range: 2 - 90 inch / 6 - 230 cm
  • Graduation Length: 1/8 inch / 1 mm
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs / 952 g
  • Dimensions: 4.7 x 91.3 x 11.3 inch / 120 x 2,320 x 286 mm
  • Directive: MP

Safety: Fold down the measuring slide after height has been measured to avoid the risk of injury.

Includes height measuring rod only - Measurements both inches and centimeters.

(223 Stadiometer fits Seca 644 Multifunction Digital Hand Rail Scale - sold separately) 

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