Seca 491 BMI calculator

Seca 491 BMI calculator.
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Seca 491 BMI calculator (4910000009)

This seca calculator model 491 will be used for the accurate determination of the Body Mass Index BMI. With obesity increasingly becoming a growing health risk, it is important to determine the exact nutritional condition of a patient with the Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is one of the few internationally acknowledged values when it is a question of obtaining a meaningful weight/height ratio.

With the battery and solar-operated BMI calculator Seca 491, every doctor, nurse and caregiver can determine the BMI simply and quickly in a few steps. In addition to the BMI calculation the calculator offer the 4 basic arithmetics. The operation is equal to common calculators. Please care for sufficient illumination of the solar cell to avoid low contrast or a black display. 

For BMI calculation 8 different procedures can be used:

Procedure 1 : weight in kg / body height in m (e.g. 80.5 kg / 1.82 m)
Procedure 2 : weight in kg / body height in feet (e.g. 80.5 kg / 5.97 ft)
Procedure 3 : weight in kg / body height in inches (e.g. 80.5 kg / 71.65 in)
Procedure 4 : weight in kg / body height in feet / inches (e.g. 80.5 kg / 5 ft 11.64 in) 
Procedure 5 : weight in lbs / body height in m (e.g. 177.5 lbs / 1.82 m)
Procedure 6 : weight in lbs / body height in ft (e.g. 177.5 lbs / 5.97 ft)
Procedure 7 : weight in lbs / body height in inches (e.g. 177.5 lbs / 71.65 in)
Procedure 8 : weight in lbs / body height in ft and inches (e.g. 177.5 lbs / 5 ft und 11.64 in)

*Note: Body Mass Index applies only to adults: these values are not relevant to children and young people.

View Seca 491 BMI Calculator User Manual for additional information

Technical Data:

  • Weight: .1 lbs / 45 g
  • Power supply: Batteries
  • Dimensions: 2.2 x .3 x 3.9 inch / 57 x 8 x 99 mm 
  • Functions: BMI, Automatic switch-off

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