Seca 710 Mechanical Column Scale with waist level beam

Seca 710 Mechanical column scales with waist level beam.
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Seca 710 Mechanical Column Scale with waist level beam 

The Seca 710 column scale with waist high mechanical beam & cast-iron base is a dependable option for weighing heavier patients.

  • High capacity of 200 kg (420 lbs)
  • Determination of small fluctuations in weight thanks to fine graduation of 50 g 
  • Generously sized platform with non-slip surface
  • Tough and easy to operate

In view of the growing number of adipose patients worldwide, the capacity of this classic scale has been strongly increased and the scale completely redesigned in favour of improved ergonomics. Heavyweight patients in particular benefit from the large tread area and the low level platform. With its fine 50 g graduation, the scale is also suitable for the precise weighing of dialysis patients and children.

As far as toughness is concerned, the Seca 710 can hardly be surpassed: its cast-iron base, the steel column and the special antirust coating of the lever apparatus guarantee a long life. The graduation printed on the beam is easy to read at a glance due to the clearly contrasting colours. Thanks to the integrated transport castors, the scale can easily be moved anywhere. Adjustment to the zero position is especially user friendly: the scale is adjusted with an easy to use tare wheel – for constant precision. 

The waist-level beam is a positive feature which, for example, makes it easier to weigh pregnant women. The large tread area is not only especially low and thus easy to mount but is also fitted with a nonslip rubber mat. Together with the fine graduation of 50 g, this is an additional advantage for safe weight control also in the gynaecology sector and in nutrition consultation.

It can also be fitted with the telescopic measuring rod Seca 220 – for measuring and weighing in one step (sold separately).

Model #7101121008 Features: 

  • Capacity: 420 lbs. / 200 kg
  • Graduation Weight: 1/8 lb. / 50 g
  • Weight: 34.6 lbs / 15,7 kg
  • Dimensions: 19.8 x 40.2 x 20.5" / 503 x 1020 x 520 mm 
  • Platform (WxHxD): 13.2 x 3.1 x 13.6" 
  • Functions: Reset-to-zero function
  • Transport castors

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