Seca 755 Mechanical Column Scale with BMI display

Seca 755 Mechanical Column Scale with BMI display.
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Seca 755 Mechanical column scales with BMI display 

• Quick and easy ascertainment of BMI.
• Simultaneous evaluation of nutritional condition.
• Clearly designed dial and low platform.

Quick and easy ascertainment and evaluation of BMI.

This dial column scale can do something other mechanical scales can’t: determine the Body Mass Index (BMI) at the same time as weighing. The BMI is recognized by the World Health Organization as being the indicator of one’s individual nutritional condition.  

The Seca 755 is one of the first mechanical column scales which displays weight and the nutritional condition of the patient with the BMI function. When the patient steps onto the scales, a BMI disc of contrasting color is set in motion below the very precise weight display on the large, clear dial. It is visible in a small window next to which a height scale is printed. Once the weight has been determined, it is easy to read the BMI range which, with contrasting colors, is split up into underweight, normal, overweight and obesity (abnormally overweight). A flat tread area and practical transport castors are further advantages of the Seca 755. The tread area is also covered with a nonslip rubber mat for safe footing. 

If there is uncertainty in regards to the patient’s height, this can be determined precisely in just one step with the optional integrable telescopic measuring rod Seca 224 (sold separately)

Clearly designed dial and low platform.

When designing this elegant scale, special attention was paid to the ergonomics. The dial which is tilted slightly towards the observer is particularly large and clearly laid out, making it easier to read. The Seca 755 is easy to mount as the platform is very low. The tread area is so large that even tall and heavyweight patients have sufficient space. The tread area is also covered with a nonslip rubber mat for safe footing.

Mobile with integrated transport castors.

Thanks to the integrated transport castors, the Seca 755 is easy to move around and has no problems with uneven surfaces due to its adjustable levelling feet.

Technical Data for Dial Column Scale #7551321994:

  • Capacity: 350 lbs / 160 kg
  • Graduation Weight: 1 lbs / 1 lbs / 500 g
  • Weight: 39.9 lbs / 18.1 kg
  • Dimensions: 14.2 x 39.4 x 24.7 inch / 360 x 1,000 x 628 mm / 
  • 13.2 x 3.1 x 13.6 inch dimensions platform / 335 x 80 x 345 mm dimensions platform
  • Functions: Reset-to-zero function / BMI / Transport castors
  • Directive: MP

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