Service and Repairs

Expert Repairs at Reasonable Rates:
Specializing in Medical Instrumentation for over 30 years.

Do you have equipment that is not working? Send the equipment to us and we will:

  • Inspect
  • Troubleshoot
  • Provide a Free Pre-estimate
  • All at no obligation

Low repair rates:  $95.00 for ECG Machines & Centrifuges (+parts)

Service and Repairs:

Many other repair services troubleshoot only to board level. This results in many instruments being pronounced "dead" because the repair cost exceeds the market value of the unit. Many customers have sent us these units and we have been able to repair over 95% of them to component level at a fraction of the original quoted repair cost. Send us your "dead" or so called "unrepairable" instruments for a no obligation repair quotation. Even if your unit is unrepairable, we will probably offer you a trade in allowance against the purchase of another new or used unit.

Please pack your instrument with care and insure your shipment with UPS to protect yourself against damage during shipment.

Expert Repairs on Medical Equipment at Reasonable Rates.
Service and Repair

$95.00 for ECG Machines 
& Centrifuges (+parts)


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