Standard Reusable Otoscope Speculas (#24302u - #24400u)

Standard Reusable Otoscope Speculas (#24302u - #24305u) for Diagnostic and MacroView Otoscopes...wholesale otoscope accessories.
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Welch Allyn Standard Reusable Ear Specula
For use with Diagnostic and MacroView Otoscopes 

Reusable ear specula are lightweight yet durable and may be autoclaved, boiled or sterilized in solution.

These economical and reliable otoscope accessories may be used with most Welch Allyn Diagnostic and MacroView Otoscopes such as Models #20000, 22800/22820, 23810 MacroView Otoscope, 23814, 23820, 23824,  #23920 Digital MacroViewTM Otoscope, and #25020 & 250121 Diagnostic Otoscopes.   

Diagnostic/MacroView Standard Reusable Specula - sold individually or as a set (Select size in drop down box above - prices vary.)


Part Number: 24302-U

2.5 mm Universal Poly Reusable Speculum

Part Number: 24303-U

3.0 mm Universal Poly Reusable Ear Speculum

Part Number: 24304-U

4.0 mm Universal Poly Reusable Ear Speculum

Part Number: 24305-U

5.0 mm Universal Poly Reusable Ear Speculum

Part Number: 24400-U

Set of Four - Universal Poly Reusable Ear Specula for Diagnostic and MacroView Otoscopes — 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm and 5 mm.

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