SurgiLance® Safety Lancet SLN240 - Orange

SurgiLance® Safety Lancet SLN240 - Orange
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SurgiLance® Safety Lancet by MediPurpose (Box of 100)

The Surgilance Safety Lancet is a puncture device to obtain micro blood samples. SLN240 safety lancets have a sharps prevention feature to protect the user from a needle stick injury.  

SurgiLance® safety lancets from MediPurpose® are used for glucose fingersticksblood sugar fingersticks, and other fingerstick testing applications, including HIV, Hepatitis, A1c hemoglobin and HgB.



    • Single-use lancing device
    • Small, convenient and perfect for diabetic testing.
    • Safety needle is not exposed before or after use. Self-contained, disposable safety lancet.
    • Ease of Use:  One-step procedure, No arming required.
    • Activated by pressure on finger   
    • Efficient:  High-speed delivery and penetration method minimizes patient pain and clinician error
    • Latex-free: Hypo-allergenic 


Box of 100 sterile, single use lancets. 

Single Patient Use Only

For safety and to maintain sterility, do not push the red raised platform onto patient's finger until ready to obtain a blood sample.


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