Welch Allyn MacIntosh Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Blade

Welch Allyn Fiber Optic Laryngoscope MacIntosh Blade - #69061 - Size 1
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Welch Allyn Fiber Optic Laryngoscope MacIntosh Blade - #69061 - 69064 (each blade sold separately)

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Welch Allyn Fiber Optic Laryngoscope MacIntosh Blades feature removable, repolished light pipes - that make these the "longest-lasting fiber optic laryngoscope blades in the world". 

These laryngoscopes are made of single-piece stainless steel blades to ensure blade integrity. A design that incorporates a gentle, continuous curve from the tip to the proximal end. The curve is compressed into the vallecula and the blade lifted, indirectly raising the epiglottis. Welch Allyn modified the MacIntosh blades by reducing proximal blade height. This results in a lower profile that assists in intubating patients with limited oral access.

MacIntosh Blade Features:

• The one-piece construction of Welch Allyn blades eliminates the potentially weaker soldered or brazed joint.

• Lightweight. Reduced handle and blade weight for improved balance and maneuverability facilitates even the most difficult intubations.

• Convertible. Blades easily convert from lamp to fiber optic illumination. Makes upgrading economical.

• Repairable. Replace deteriorating light pathways for a fraction of the cost of a replacement blade.

• Improved design. Reduced proximal blade height assists in intubating patients with limited oral access.

• One-piece construction. Single-piece stainless steel blade ensures blade integrity (no soldered joints) and minimizes corrosion.

• Halogen HPXillumination. Our fiber optic blades feature Halogen HPXlamps for true tissue color, providing more than 30% brighter, whiter light than traditional halogen lamps.


Additional curved laryngoscope blades sold separately:

To order the #69041-69044 standard series click here.

Other Information:

The light output of the fiber optic bundles may degrade after about 1,000 sterilizations. Fiber optic bundles may be easily removed and returned to Welch Allyn for repolishing to restore light output.

Welch Allyn’s state-of-the-art blade design allows for the removable fiber optic light pipe to be repolished throughout the life of the blade. When the optics are repolished, occluding epoxy is removed from the input and output points of the fiber optic pipe. This restores the light transmission to its optimum level, thus increasing the overall life of the blade. A Welch Allyn light pipe can be repolished three times over its lifetime—and can then be replaced at a fraction of the cost of a complete blade. Welch Allyn will provide this repolishing service free of cost whenever it is needed over the life of the laryngoscope blades.

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