Welch Allyn NiCad Desk Set (71811-MP)

71811-MP Welch Allyn NiCad Desk Set, Desk Charger, 2 NiCad Handles (71670), PanOptic Ophthalmoscope (11810) & MacroView Otoscope (23810)
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71811-MP Welch Allyn NiCad Desk Set w/ Desk Charger, 2 NiCad Handles (71670), PanOptic Ophthalmoscope (11810) & MacroView Otoscope (23810)

Desk Charger Features: Compact, portable unit provides convenient drop-in recharging of desk/well-charger instrument handles.

  • Colored LEDs indicate power to the unit and that handles are charging
  • Advanced circuitry for constant automatic safe charging and optimum lamp performance and life
  • Compact for convenience and mobility
  • Optional wall mount kit for permanently mounting to wall or cabinet
  • Optional specula tray conveniently stores swabs, otoscope specula, and curettes
  • Accepts 3.5 V or 2.5 V well-rechargeable NiCad handles, Lithium Ion Handle and PocketScope™ handles (only PocketScope™ handles require an adapter)


Welch Allyn PanOptic Ophthalmoscope

  • Model 11810: Half-moon aperture (provides a combination of depth perception and field of view)


  • Fast, easy entry into small, undilated pupils 5X larger field of view than you see with standard ophthalmoscopes in an undilated eye
  • 25° field of view versus the 5° field of view of standard ophthalmoscopes
  • A 26% increase in magnification, making it easier to see retinal details
  • Greater distance between practitioner and patient means greater comfort for all
  • Complete compatibility with existing Welch Allyn 3.5V power sources
  • Patented Axial PointSource Optics: This proprietary technology makes it easy to enter undilated pupils and provides a 25° field of view, resulting in a view of the fundus that’s 5X greater than you see with a standard ophthalmoscope in an undilated eye.
  • Halogen HPX Lamp: Provides whiter, brighter light.
  • Glare Extinguishment System: Prevents interference from unwanted glare and reflections.
  • Welch Allyn 3.5V Power Sources: Compatible with any standard 3.5V power source including: desk charger handles, convertible battery handles, wall transformers and the Lithium Ion Power Handle.
  • Patient Eyecup: The eyecup establishes and maintains proper viewing distance, provides image stability, serves as a pivoting point for panning around the retina, helps with orientation, and screens out ambient light. The eyecup is cleanable and reusable.
  • Dynamic Focusing Wheel: Adjusts the focus in a continuous, smooth action for more precise control and optimum view. Available focusing range is -20 to +20 diopters.
  • PanOptic Soft Grip: Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, balance, and access to controls.
  • Aperture Dial: Allows you to select micro, small, and large spot sizes. Also includes red-free filter and slit aperture.


Welch Allyn 3.5v MacroView Otoscope Head #23810

Delivers almost twice the field of view at higher magnification compared to standard otoscopes, making it easier to visualize the auditory canal and tympanic membrane. This instrument is a significant advance in hand-held otoscopy, providing an improved view for enhanced learning and decision making.


  • A nearly complete view of the tympanic membrane with approximately twice the field of view and 30% greater magnification than a traditional otoscope
  • Better clarity and definition of landmarks
  • The ability to adjust focus for variable ear canal length or farsighted eyes
  • Tip grip for secure fastening and ejection of ear specula
  • Fiber optics produce cool light with no reflections, no obstruction


Welch Allyn 3.5v Rechargeable Handle #71670 for use with Desk/Well Chargers only

A choice of convenient rechargeable power sources that fit all our 3.5 V instrument heads.


  • Rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery included
  • The smooth, non-abrasive knurled finish ensures a no-slip grip
  • Chrome-plated brass construction for durability and a reliable, long life
  • Recharges in the Welch Allyn desk charger and numerous stand consoles and well-chargers


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