Welch Allyn Professional™ Stethoscopes (Model 5079-135)

Welch Allyn Professional™ Stethoscopes (Model 5079-135) Adult Stethoscope, 28" (71 cm), Black.
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Welch Allyn Professional™ Stethoscopes - Model 5079-135

Excellent acoustic clarity and durability

Welch Allyn’s professional range of stethoscopes provide excellent sound quality, durability and comfort for the practicing professional. They are lightweight and can be custom fitted via adjustable binaurals and eartips — perfect for listening to cardiac, pulmonary and vascular sounds. The stainless steel chestpiece intensifies the vast array of body sounds through all tissues. Superior acoustics mean accurate auscultation of heart, lung, and blood pressure sounds. Meets all diagnostic needs, from detecting Korotkoff sounds of blood pressure to analyzing the most subtle heart murmurs.

The Professional™ stethoscope provides medical professionals with a broad range of auscultation capabilities, from the very low pitch (20-100 Hz) of certain heart murmurs to the higher frequencies (100-500 Hz) of aortic and pulmonic insufficiencies. The Professional™ stethoscope augments and clarifies the sound for accurate diagnosis.

Professional Grade Adult Stethoscope:

  • Excellent for general auscultation and blood pressure
  • Double head design
  • Flat diaphragm
  • Single-lumen stethoscopes 
  • Adult and Pediatric versions available
  • Stainless steel chestpiece and binaurals
  • Rotatable binaurals and interchangeable comfort sealing eartips depress and conform to the shape of ear canals, ensuring a soft yet airtight fit  to block out ambient noise
  •  Lightweight and flexible PVC tubing for fitting in side pocket or carrying around the neck.
  • Latex free
  • Anti Chill ring
  • 5-year warranty against parts and manufacturing defects

WA5079135 Adult Long Stethoscope, 28" (71 cm), Black   

It is important to clean and disinfect your stethoscope between patients to prevent possible cross-contamination.

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