Welch Allyn Universal Desk Charger (Lithium Ion & NiCad Handles)

Welch Allyn Universal Desk Charger (for Lithium Ion & NiCad Handles)
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Welch Allyn Universal Desk Charger (for Lithium Ion & NiCad Handles) -  Model 71140

Compact, portable unit provides convenient drop-in recharging of desk/well-charger instrument handles. 


Intended to be used with the following Welch Allyn rechargeable handles:

  • 71500 - 2.5v NiCad battery handle;
  • 71670 - 3.5v NiCad battery handle;
  • 71900/11 - 3.5v Lithium Ion battery handle;
  • 72840 - 2.5v NiCad PocketScope™ handle (with 71249 adapter)


To Charge Handles:

Place handle(s) into well(s). The yellow charge indicator LED directly under the handle well will illuminate, indicating the handle is sensed and charging. To fully charge a completely discharged battery handle, leave the handle in the charging well overnight. If you are charging your battery handle(s) for the first time, follow the charging instructions provided with your new battery handle. Once charged, placing a handle in a well after each use will top off the battery charge, maintaining the charge level of the battery. Leaving the battery handles in the charging wells overnight does not cause the handles to overcharge.

NiCad Battery Handles:

Turn NiCad battery handles off before inserting the handle into the well.

Lithium Ion Handles:

Once fully charged, the 71900/11 Lithium Ion handle will cause the yellow indicator LED to turn off.

If desired, test the function of the charging well by placing a functioning instrument head on the handle in question, turn the handle on, and return the handle to the Universal Charger well. If the instrument lamp goes off, the handle was fully charged and the Universal Charger well is functioning properly (the yellow LED may light momentarily).

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