Zipr-Weld Evidence Tape (Yellow)

Zipr-Weld Evidence Seal Tape (yellow)
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Evidence Seal Tape Dispenser - "Evident Tamper" - Yellow

Zipr-Weld Evidence tapes are the best and most economical way to seal and protect from tampering for crime scenes, lab samples, etc. This special type of laboratory security tape has been specifically designed for use in BAT applications. 

Seals have "zippered" edges combined with the "welding" properties of the adhesive make removal of the seal virtually impossible and leaves visible signs of attempted tampering.

  • Each seal measures 1/2" x 3-1/8"
  • Tape tears at serrated edge when removal is attempted
  • Dispenses right out of the box
  • Forms a permanent bond with most surfaces

2 Rolls of 305 seals each

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